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Hallway Christmas01 » Hallway Christmas Decoration IdeasNeed a little more than a month for Christmas and probably a couple of weeks and start decorating homes with Christmas in the little things to give a party atmosphere at our home. In this sense, the Christmas decorations in the hallway is very important because it will be the epicenter of all the events and where we must focus on the decor.

In the room is usually always put up the tree, Christmas gifts and a lot of elements that make this site your home a very special place. Anyway, be careful not to overdo it because if it gets too you will not have anything right. Take note of these tips to learn to decorate the entry room on Christmas:

# The first thing is to know what colors to use in order to find the perfect balance between them and are already in the foyer and the rest of the house. The colors you choose should be the protagonists of the Christmas decorations everywhere, not just the hall room.

# The colors used on these dates are red and green, although in recent years have been very successful also in gold, silver, blue and burgundy. Decant your style and do not mix more, because it looks good.

# The Christmas tree balls should always have a couple of garlands and lights. Then you can always put a doll and of course, the star in the glass. Do not overload the tree and decorations that will be too crowded and you can not appreciate how good it is.

# The pine cones are a great Christmas and you look great if you hang on a wall, tree or simply place them on a tray on a table.

# The ornament also is great in a tray with a couple of candles, get it in colors that contrast well and has a very special atmosphere.

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Hallway Christmas Decoration Ideas

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